Sightseeing in Znojmo 
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Sightseeing in Znojmo


  • Znojmo sightseeing train

    Tour in a sightseeing train

    - During 90 minutes of your trip on the sightseeing train you will be shown round the most interesting parts of the Royal Town of Znojmo. Driving through middle-aged cobbled lanes and squares you can see many historical buildings and enjoy marvellous views of the Town of Znojmo from the Dyje (Thaya) River Valley… There are 8 stops during the round trip – however, you can hop on the train whenever you want – get off and get on again with the same ticket – of course, if there is a vacant seat for you.

    for more info read article "Basic info about tour in a sighseeing train"

  • Historical monuments

    History of Znojmo

    Are you interested in history of Znojmo? Read this article.
  • Znojmo rotunda

    Rotunda of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the St. Catherine

    National cultural monument, in Hradní Street 1, Znojmo. Rotunda was reared about year 1037 by the Czech Prince Břetislav I. as a greatparish church. Probably to 1134 was the rotunda decorated with the fresco paintings.

    Opening hours: For the public it will be opened according to the actual state of climate only in testing periods with respects to the climate inside. There are maximally 10 persons allowed to enter during an hour, the excursion lasts 15 minutes. Entrace see on map

  • Znojmo castle

    Znojmo Castle

    - Founded in the first half of the 11th century, originally seat of the Znojmo apanage Přemysl princes, in the 18th century rebuilt as a manor. Constant expositions: The scientific investigations in the rotunda, Style furniture, Archaeology, Old printings, Dissolved trades, Ceramics from Vranov and Znojmo region, Military and hunting arms and Historical riflemen targets.

    Entrance to the castle is the same as entrance to Rotunda see on map

  • Historical underground in Znojmo

    Historical underground in Znojmo

    - Mysterious labyrinth of passages extended under the whole mediaeval town arose through the mutual connection of the townsmen's cellars. More informations

    Entrance to the underground is on "Slepičí trh" see on map

  • Minorite Monastery - South moravian museum in Znojmo

    Minorite monastery - South Moravian Museum Znojmo

    - Originally the Minorite Monastery from the half of the 13th century, today seat of the South Moravian Museum. Constant expositions: Arms of the East, Archeology in the Znojmo region, Geology in Znojmo region, Black trade (from the history of smithing).

    More informations available on

  • Town Hall Tower Znojmo

    Town Hall Tower Znojmo

    - The tower is 68.6 m high and was built during the years 1445 - 1448 by M of S. Its distinctive, atypical construction has made it an impressive symbol of this place. The tower is gothic in style. It was damaged during the war (1945), and the last major renovation was finished in 1951. From its galler you can view the town and the wide scene.

    Obroková street nr. 12 (see on map), tel: 515 216 297 More information (in Czech)

  • Monastery of Louka (Loucký klášter)

    Monastery of Louka

    The monumental Monastery of Louka (Loucký klášter), rented by Winery Znovín Znojmo, used to be a place of great historical importance. It dates back to 1192 when a Czech king Konrád Ota decided to establish it. Now there are around 650.000 bottles of selected varietal wines produced by the Winery Znovín Znojmo and stored here. Wine tasting in the medieval halls of the monastery is an unforgettable experience. There is a beautiful gallery in 2nd floor, Wine Mailing Office and the Wine Shop can be found in first floor. The visit of the monastery is included into a popular Wine programme organized by the winery called Znovín Znojmo Wine Tours. Visit
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